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  1. How terrific it was to see Bob Ellis on your show. I worked with Bob for 17 years and I loved seeing this dynamite guy again. It made me homesick for the Jersey Shore, hearing about Asbury, Ocean Grove and the boardwalk. I remember attending the Easter Parade on the Asbury Boardwalk with women in all of their beautiful hats. How I miss those old days!!! I loved hearing that you had lived in Albuquerque – I did too for 8 years until I relocated to Sarasota Florida in January. I am going to take Bob’s challenge and try to have dinners or just coffee with someone I meet since I have no friends here. My children always hated when I would say hello to strangers – I live my life by daily doing an unknown kindness every day!!! A smile doesn’t cost anything and we all like it when someone says hello – even our name. I am going to binge watch all of your past episodes – and who knows, maybe I will make my way back to Point Pleasant and the Jersey Shore some day. Regards, Joanna

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